Big T guarantees responsiveness and reliability in all aspects. We adapt to on-line job management systems as required, ensuring that your business remains maintained and compliant. Our team operates at maximum efficiency and safety, whilst ensuring minimum disruption to business. You can trust in our ability to coordinate tradesmen, manage servicing schedules and ensure all aspects of the administration is handled promptly  and at minimum disruption to you. 


Free Quotes

Big T offers free quotes for all electrical installations and replacements. We have employed a dedicated Customer Service Representative who handles all aspects of our quoting, from site attendance and quote submission, to booking in quote acceptances and issuing invoices. This personalised experience ensures that you can be confident that all of your wants are being met and that there is a clear point of contact between yourself and Big T. 

Electrical Fault Finds

​Our tradesmen are experts at fault finding troublesome circuits and carrying out electrical repairs as required. With extensive experience and superior knowledge, the tradesmen at Big T can repair items efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money. We prioritise urgent breakdowns and for no power faults and hot water issues, we guarantee a same day attendance.

RCD Testing

Businesses are required to install and maintain RCD's on all circuits in accordance with Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. A regularly tested RCD is 3 times for likely to trip quickly in the event of an incident and therefore, regular RCD Testing not only ensures compliancy, but also the safety of employees, and customers. Read more about your requirements below. 

Emergency Exit Light Inspections

Big T can help your company to fulfil it's legislative obligations by conducting periodic Emergency Exit Light Inspections. These inspections can be carried out on a 6 monthly or 12 monthly basis and include testing, tube/fitting replacements and formal reports as required. 

Test & Tags

Testing and tagging ensures the safety of the people coming into contact with appliances, whilst also minimising the risk of an electrical hazard. Electrical equipment can range from power tools, computers, extension leads, power boards and even kitchen appliances. To find out more about what testing & tagging is and how often it needs to be done, please see 'Find Out More'.

Switchboard Inspections/Upgrades

Call Big T to ensure that you and your family are adequately protected. Whether you are moving in to a new home or want to make sure your current home is up to standard, give Big T a call. Switchboards that are outdated and do not comply with current Standards pose a serious safety hazard and whilst full switchboard upgrades can be costly, they can save you money by minimising the likelihood 

Electrical call outs can be expensive and so upgrading to a new electrical switchboard with RCDs and circuit breakers will minimise the likelihood of requiring an electrician when the circuit trips

Smoke Alarm Compliance Checks

Is your property  compliant with the new smoke alarm laws? Big T are experts in smoke alarm maintenance and installation. Our Smoke Alarm Compliance means that you can ensure your property has the correct number of alarms, that they are correctly located and that they are hardwired and photoelectric as per current legislation.


When it comes to protecting you and your family, don't take any chances. Call Big T to make sure your smoke alarms are in working order and positioned correctly for maximum protection.

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