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Elana was manager of Big T Electrical from the time of its opening, and several years later took ownership of the business from Tim Lennox. Elana and her partner Simon enjoy life on the Sunshine Coast with their two kids Jasper and Alyssa. She is a passionate business woman and wonder mum, who can't wait to see what the future has in store for herself, her family and her business. 


Office Manager

Taylah joined the T Team in April of 2014 and since this time has been committed to building her skills and extending her knowledge to ensure that the needs of our ever expanding business and growing customer base are met. Taylah is responsible for all aspects of business management including marketing, accounts and administration. If she is not at work she is usually keeping busy and renovating her new home.


Customer Service Representative

Steve joined the T Team in March of 2017, and is employed as our Customer Service Representative. His main roll is to establish and maintain strong business relationships, as well as building on the trust and respect of new and current customers. He is primarily responsible for all of our quotes and job management. Steve enjoys camping with his family and going for a 4WD. 


Administration Officer

Lill joined the T team in April 2019 and is employed as our Administration Officer. Lill is responsible for scheduling, customer correspondence, and  any other general business administration tasks that are required. In her spare time you can probably find her relaxing at home with her Samoyed Mishka.



Electrician | Solar Technician | AC Installer

As owner of Big T, a qualified electrician, solar technician and AC installer there is always something on the go for Simon. He prides himself in both his technical knowledge and as an established business owner in Bundaberg. On the weekends he is kept on his toes by his two young children and enjoys taking this time out to spend with this family. 


Electrician | AC Installer | TV Technician

Alex joined the T Team in June of 2017 as a qualified electrician. Since starting at Big T, Alex has earned a reputation for his extensive electrical knowledge, efficiency and reliability. He is also Big T's only TV technician and one of our expert AC Installers. On his days off, Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and their young son Logan. He also enjoys going camping, fishing and motor bike riding.


Electrician | Solar Technician | AC Installer

Joey has been an asset to the team since joining us in May of 2019. He is highly skilled in areas of electrical, solar and air conditioning. Joey has been passionate about the industry since taking on work experience in high school and has dedicated his time to bettering his skills and knowledge ever since. The work doesn't stop for him over the weekends and he usually spends his spare time renovating his house.


Refrigeration Mechanic

Jordan joined Big T as a qualified refrigeration mechanic and he immediately demonstrated competence and confidence in all aspects of his work. Jordan enjoys the challenges that the industry offers, particularly with regards to new knowledge and experiences within his trade. 


Electrician | AC Installer

Hannah completed her electrical apprenticeship through Big T and is now widely recognised by many customers as a friendly and knowledgeable tradesman. She is a qualified AC installer and known for being one of the fastest installers we have. In her downtime Hannah enjoys hanging out with her Border Collie Baxter and going camping with her friends. 



Electrical Apprentice | AC Installer

Jack joined the T Team in November of 2016 and is employed as an Electrical Apprentice and AC installer. Since starting at Big T, Jack has learned a wide range of skills within the areas of electrical, solar and air conditioning. He is passionate about furthering his skills within the industry, and approaches all new learning experiences with a can-do attitude.  On his days off,  Jack enjoys camping and going for a 4WD.


Electrical Apprentice

Shannon is employed as an electrical apprentice at Big T. He has a keen eye for detail and loves keeping up to date with all of the latest Standards. He has a passion for the commercial/industrial/rural side of electrical works, investing even his personal time into extending his knowledge and skills. 


Electrical Apprentice

Sam is our youngest team member and worked hard for his position as an electrical apprentice. Sam is recognised within the business for his excellent work ethic and positive attitude, he also excelled in his ability to learn quickly and adapt to new jobs.